Nutrition Programmes

All of our programmes include a detailed consultation to ensure that the appropriate programme is being purchased.

They also include:, Personalised meal plans, Recipes, Supplement guide, Training Guide
Add-on options for health coaching to increase adherence and receive support and guidance throughout your plan, ensuring your best chance at success.


An introduction to fat loss for beginners, or those who need some advice and guidance on where to get started. Simple and proven methods are used to make your journey straight forward and successful!


More advanced nutrition techniques are used here for those who have hit a wall in their fat loss journey, or who have more ambitious goals and need professional guidance.


This programme is a super introduction to eating for your health, or for those who have had trouble with their diet and need to get back to basics. We focus on building habits and routine that are sustainable in the long term and will lead to a healthier life!


A plan for gym-goers/ exercise lovers who want to eat to build strength, and support their bodies in growing muscle tissue in a healthful way. Great to support current training plans, a lean, sustainable bulk that will not leave you feeling bloated or the body stressed!


Many have heard of the importance of gut health in recent times. This programme focuses on strengthening the gut and addressing digestive issues that may be causing trouble for you. Working on these issues may give benefits to mood, skin, sleep, energy levels, the immune system and weight.


A four week programme to get the body back on track after a few weeks of indulgence, the festive period, or a holiday. We eat to support the body in it’s natural detoxification processes, ad return to habits that are important in keeping a healthy routine.


This is a programme for those who may be have been eating in calorie deficit (undereating) for a period of time, which has resulted in slowed metabolism. We train the metabolism to get back up and functioning efficiently so that the body is supported properly. Also suitable for those who need to boost metabolism for weight loss, after hitting a wall with a long-term calorie deficit.


Our signature programme, Nourish, is designed for women who are busy, stressed and do not have time for themselves. Perhaps you are a working mum, have a hectic career, or just can’t seem to prioritise the time to take care of number 1. We work to give the body lots of love and support through eating enjoyably and well, moving daily in gentle and fun ways, and looking at self-care and ‘me-time’.

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