Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
Consultations and health coaching packages are available for advice, guidance and support in reaching your unique health goals. Coaching can give great success, working long term to achieve your goals and make lasting lifestyle changes. Aisling provides meal plans, recipes and programmes to suit your needs.


Sports Nutrition
Tailored programmes can be drawn up to suit an individuals goals, whether that is fat loss, muscle building, metabolic repair etc. Aisling provides advice on how to eat to provide optimal performance and fast recovery, while keeping the body feeling great.


Reflexology is a holistic treatment which works on pressure points of the feet to move energies through the body. Many find the treatment to relieve symptoms such as headaches, bloating, sleep issues, tiredness, sinus issues, backaches, period pains, among many more. It is a relaxing treatment that relieves stress and improves circulation.


Energetic Reflexology
The Ivy Room’s signature treatment, two modalities are combined to provide relief to those suffering with chronic pain or injury. Using IET techniques, Aisling works on the area of injury/chronic pain to access blockages on emotional, mental and spiritual levels. She then pulls this energy through to the physical level through reflexology, further grounding and clearing these blockages. Chronic pain and recurring injuries are often symptoms of energy blockages in the outer layers of the self, this treatment is a powerful way to focus on clearing the root source of pain.


Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T)
IET is a gentle yet powerful energy therapy. It uses angelic energies to work through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of the aura. Many find the treatment to be extremely relaxing and uplifting. The therapy attempts to clear energy blockages and help people through emotional stress and trauma, in a safe and gentle manner.


Nail Treatments
Luxury manicures and pedicures are offered including scrubs, masks and heated mitts.
Top brands CND Vinylux and Shellac, and Creative Academy Gelish products are used in the clinic.

Coming Soon

Indian Head Massage

Soon to be added to our treatment list

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